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Who Can Enroll

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Interested in enrolling in Senior LIFE Greensburg? Find out how below.


Senior LIFE members must be 55 years of age or older.

Service Area

If you or a loved one live in an area near Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania (zipcode areas 15601, 15083, 15089, 15610, 15611, 15612, 15616, 15617, 15620, 15622, 15623, 15624, 15625, 15627, 15628, 15633, 15634, 15635, 15636, 15637, 15639, 15640, 15644, 15646, 15650, 15655, 15658, 15660, 15661, 15662, 15663, 15664, 15665, 15666, 15670, 15671, 15672, 15674, 15675, 15676, 15677, 15678, 15679, 15680, 15683, 15685, 15687, 15688, 15689, 15692, 15693, 15695, 15696, 15697, 15698, 15779, 15923, 15944, 15954) and require ongoing medical care or support services, Senior LIFE Greensburg may be able to help you. Our member-based program is designed to provide and/or coordinate medical care and assistance needed to keep you or a loved one at home for as long as possible. Senior LIFE Greensburg is part of PACE, the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly.

Senior LIFE may be the right option if you or your loved one lives in an area listed above.

Medical Eligibility

Senior LIFE Greensburg Outreach Coordinators visit with potential members to gather information, present it to the Inter-Disciplinary Team, and determine if Senior LIFE is able to safely serve the potential member within the community.

An assessment by the County Area Agency on Aging is completed to determine if the potential member can be determined Nursing Facility Clinically Eligible (NFCE). An individual must be determined NFCE in order to be approved for Senior LIFE services.

Financial Eligibility

Senior LIFE Greensburg does provide care for low-income seniors. Senior LIFE members are eligible for Senior LIFE services at no cost if they are Medicaid eligible for the LIFE benefit.

Senior LIFE members who are not eligible for Medicaid would receive services by opting to pay privately.

Call us today to see to have one of our Outreach Coordinators help you determine if you are eligible for Medical Benefits at NO COST, 724-838-8300, or email at

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